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What The Clients Say...
(Also, worth checking out Sebastian Grobler Golf Google Listing for more Reviews)

Golf Players

Won my match yesterday coach, shot 7 over. Could have easily been 3 over. Pre - shot routine worked well and the follow trough was much better after our golf lesson.

Simone B. - Richmond

All I can say is thanks for the lessons!! 3 wins this weekend out of 4 games and my one loss came when I played to 9. Leeds won the cup vs Sheffield for the first time ever!!

Tom B. - Wimbledon


Thanks for the best golf lesson I ever had. Honestly, the lesson on the golf course helped me tremendously.

Virginia M. - Leatherhead

Your help made a great contribution and I thought you might like to hear that I won the WCGC Ladies matchplay championship final 2017

Morag M. - Hampton Court

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