CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Health and safety is my primary concern, therefore, please rest assured that I follow government guidelines that guarantee your safety during a lesson

World of Golf New Malden, Beverley Way, KT3 4PH

  • Improve your Golf with One-on-One Golf Lessons from £40 (balls included)

  • Gain Consistency with Individually Designed Golf Programs

  • Highly Certified Senior PGA Teaching Professional and a Tour Coach

  • Advance every aspect of your Game with aid of Best Teaching Technology as used by the Pros

  • Save up to 25% on Golf Packages

Combining Knowledge, Technology and Passion to Lower Your Scores


  •    PGA of Great Britain and Ireland 

  •    European Golf Teachers Federation

  •    Swing Catalyst 

  •    Bio Swing Dynamics Specialist

  •    Eyeline Tour Roll Certified 

  •    4D Motion Certified

  •    Foresight Sports Peak Level 1

A little bit about me:

My Professional Golfing career truly started in 2009, when I achieved a handicap of + 2. This low handicap afforded me the opportunity to play on the Professional Tours in South Africa and in the UK.


I gained invaluable experience playing golf at a high level which ​taught me the value of a strong mental game and course management, which I always share with my students during on-course lessons.


My Teaching:

I offer unique step by step Coaching Program individually designed for every student, guaranteed to give you results. The aim is to get the student to understand their swing mechanics, where it goes wrong and how to practice to improve it. Most importantly how to implement those changes on a golf course in a pressured environment. 


Additionally, I make use of the latest technology to help you understand your golf game even better. Launch monitors, 3D Body and Club capture and balance plates to name a few. After every lesson you will receive a detailed video, explaining what we practiced and giving you drills to help you on your way between sessions.


I have coached hundreds of students, from juniors and beginners to advanced players and Tour Professionals. Whatever level of golfer you are I can to help you reach your goals!


I coach with the Best!


GCQUAD World’s First Quadrascopic Launch Monitor

It delivers both ball and club data with unprecedented accuracy, thanks to its ground-breaking use of four ultra-high-speed cameras in a single compact device.

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All I can say is thanks for the lessons!! 3 wins this weekend out of 4 games and my one loss came when I played to 9. Leeds won the cup vs Sheffield for the first time ever!!

            Tom B. - Wimbledon

Thank you for the best lesson I ever had. Your lesson on the golf course helped me tremendously.

           Virginia M. - Leatherhead

Your help made a great contribution and I thought you might like to hear that I won the WCGC Ladies matchplay championship final 2017

            Morag N. - Hampton Court

Won my match yesterday coach, shot 7 over. Could have easily been 3 over. Pre - shot routine worked well and the follow trough was much better after our lesson.

            Simon B. - Richmond